I recently found myself wanting to do some real "hacking" again a couple of days ago and found a post on reddit about a guy who had made a bot that played Bejeweled. It didn't make intelligent decisions though so I took it as a challenge to make something better, in the end I don't really know if I succeeded. Making a god Bejeweled bot was harder then just making the program know the rules of the game, there were some quite difficult image analysis problems involved.

In any case I was very satisfied with the result and it drew a bit of attention, the info page had about 3000 views on the day I posted it on reddit and I currently have 11 watchers on the repo.

The whole thing was coded in Clojure and I have to say I have really come to love it. I really want to do some more real hacking with it.

If you want to check out the bot or the code take a peek at the bebot info page.

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